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Southern Tablelands’ debt collection professionals

If you’re a business owner, landlord or trader and haven’t been paid for goods or services rendered, finances can become extremely limited very quickly.
Also, the longer someone evades payment, the more likely it is that they may get away without paying, which will only further add to your problems.
Debt Collection in Southern Tablelands
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Debt collection professionals

At Johnson and Sendall, we offer debt collection services, and can remove the stress of chasing clients for payment by acting on your behalf. Whether you’re a landlord with tenants who just won’t pay the rent, or a trader who’s delivered goods or services to a customer and are still waiting to be paid, we can help.

From drawing up the relevant paperwork to build your case, to advising on the various options open to you, our expert team will guide you through the process from start to finish.

With years of experience in such matters, when it comes to debt collection, we’ll represent you to the courts and present your case accordingly, depending on how far the matter progresses.

Alternatively, we may help you to settle the issue out of court, by liaising with the problem party and/or their legal team, reaching an agreement and an end to the dispute.

Debt collection needn’t be a stressful or worrying experience. We’ll do all the groundwork and work with you to ensure that the best outcome is achieved and at the least inconvenience to you.

For debt collection advice and services in the Southern Tablelands and beyond, Johnson and Sendall is the place to go for friendly, professional help.

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